Key features, patient fittings, customer testimonials... Find in this section what makes VYTRUVE unique.

VYTRUVE in 30 secondes

Find the complete process of VYTRUVE, from patient scan to fitting, condensed in 30 seconds.

Support of all suspension systems

Discover in this video the tools for:

  • Automatically remove a collar on a sleeve while keeping the colors, your bone marks and the location of the collars
  • Automatically recognize the distal hook scanned and be able to move it. This hooking will "reappear" when the socket is generated.

Delivery of a VYTRUVE's socket

Delivery of a tibial socket, designed with the VYTRUVE solution and made in 3D printing. The patient goes home for fitting.

1st walk test for this patient

First fitting for this patient of his socket designed with Vytruve and printed in 3D.

One button / One function

To make the handling of Vytruve as intuitive as possible, each button corresponds to a single action.

Universal distal system

When you order a VYTRUVE socket with distal lock, the socket is printed with a universal distal system allowing you to use multiple pin locking systems and vaccum systems

French TV report on Vytruve

French TV report on Vytruve at the Normandy rehabilitation centrer

Vytruve Web Platform

Liner selector, order tracking, ...
The Vytruve Webplatform is completely free

Liner straining tool

VYTRUVE has developed a patented tool, which is in the cart, to put in traction the residual limb during the scan.

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