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The orthoprosthetist portal is getting richer!

Personalized covers, one-click online orders, discover all the new features of the orthoprosthetist portal.

Receive your components in 24 hours?

Order your components online directly from the dedicated store!


4-hole plates, valves, distal sockets, BOA system? Order all the elements you need and receive them in 24 hours?

Covers Kedzal, 100% personalized, order in one click
cover for personalized prostheses online with kedzal and vytruve, simply

The orthoprosthetist portal now includes Kedzal made-to-measure prosthesis covers.

Scan your patient and fully customize your cover on the VYTRUVE orthoprosthetist portal.

Incredible covers for prostheses in the image of your patients.

New arrivals, but not only!

We are delighted that there are more of you every day on the orthoprosthetist portal.

As a reminder, this portal is designed for orthoprosthetists and is 100% free!

Motion tech scan sleeves

? Customize and order your sleeves on scan motiontech

In just 4 steps, directly from the orthoprosthetist portal.

  • Scan
  • Choose your customization options
  • Order
  • Receive your personalized 100% sleeve for your patient
Sleeves, suspension sheaths... the right reference in 1 click

The right reference for ordering your sleeves and suspension ducts

More than 250 models to be sure to find the right reference in seconds. No more catalogs, PDF references? Copy the reference and send it to your supplier in one click, nothing could be easier!

CPO webapp, for all the cpo, free to access and to use to order your prosthetic acessory

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