New VYTRUVE facility at the HOPALE foundation

We were a few days ago at the Hopale foundation for a new installation of the VYTRUVE solution!

Hopale foundation team with Vytruve

The Hopale Foundation takes care of patients from preparation for fitting, prosthetics, rehabilitation to support for reintegration.
A passionate team deeply focused on patients!

The day in video

Team training 

We spent a full day with the team for a complete training of the solution.

  • Get started with scanning
  • Comparison of scans on the software
  • Correction on software, socket design and alignments


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The Vytruve solution is very intuitive and can be learned very quickly for orthoprosthetists, without the need for advanced 3D knowledge.

To find out more about the Hopale Foundation: 

Free training and installation

Each subscription to the Vytruve solution includes delivery and installation on your premises as well as a training day for your entire team.

Our team remains fully available on a daily basis during your use of the solution if you have any questions.

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