VYTRUVE Liner support

Liners supports are no longer distributed by suppliers. Do patients or rehabilitation centres ask you for them? You can now order them directly from VYTRUVE.

Liner holders are no longer supplied by the manufacturers? Don't panic, order them with VYTRUVE and offer them to your patients āœ… šŸ‘‰ You are a Vytruve customer, add them to your order when you send your insert to be printed, they will be personalized with your logo šŸ‘‰ Not a Vytruve user yet? Order them directly at order@vytruve.com (Selling price: 10ā‚¬ HT) āœ‰ļøĀ  Lighten and simplify your CPO daily life a with Vytruve āœØ

Sleeve holders are no longer distributed by vendors. Do patients or rehabilitation centers ask you for it? You can now order them directly from VYTRUVE.ā€‹

Delivery in 24/48 hours depending on your location.

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