1.5 € million raised for VYTRUVE

Vytruve, a Rennes-based company which makes it possible to easily design and manufacture 3d printed prosthesis for amputees, announces their first fundraising of 1.5 million euros.

With an initial fundraising of 1.5 million euros, Vytruve, a company created in November 2020, is giving itself the means to achieve its ambition, namely to digitize the highly manual and artisanal profession of CPO by offering a simple to use solution, that allow them to express their know-how and experience.

CPO you said ?

To make a prosthesis, a CPO assembles 2 types of elements:

  • generic elements (feet, knee, etc.) chosen from several references
  • a custom-made part, the socket, which is directly related to the stump (amputated limb) of the patient. This is the most important and complicated part to make.

All the experience and know-how of the orthopedic technician is reflected in the design, manufacture and adjustment of this socket, which must perfectly fit. This socket is rigid, in contact with the bones and the skin, supports the patient's weight and so must allow walking without pain, without injury and efficiently. Today the design of this socket is artisanal, complex and time consuming. You make a plaster cast on the patient's stump, return to the workshop, cast the positive, rectify it manually, thermoform a plastic plate, assemble an anchoring system, align with the elements ... and finally test it on the patient. The process is long manual, and tedious. This is the where Vytruvius.


Vytruve is a digital solution whose mission is to considerably lighten the daily life of CPO by allowing them to easily design and manufacture prosthesis sockets using 3d printing. You trade more than 4 hours of manual labor in the workshop for a process that take less than an hour and does not use a cast ! A real revolution in the field.

Step 1 : 3D scan the patient's stump - without a cast and in 10 minutes
Step 2 : Compare / analyze digital scans over time - 5 min
Step 3 : Easy socket design - on PC and anywhere in 15 minutes
Step 4 : Delivery of the 3D printed socket within 48 / 72h then test with the patient

VYTRUVE Software

Why now, why Vytruve ?

We have to go back a few years, when the grandmother of Erwan Calvier (CEO and founder of Vytruve) was amputated. Erwan will then follow its entire journey from amputation to the fitting. It was this life experience that led him to become a CPO. He first worked at Ottobock, the world leader in orthopedics, before founding his own structure, OPR: Orthèse Prothèse Reeducation, in 2015. OPR designs, manufactures and adapts prostheses for amputee patients. 3 establishments and 7 employees now make up the structure (Rennes, Saint-Lô and Avranches).
This is precisely what constituted the base of Vytruve. During the years of development of his company, Erwan has seen the opportunity to profoundly change orthopedic practices by leveraging a digital transformation. In other words, take advantage of digital technologies to facilitate and accelerate the business processes of CPO while delivering ever better service to patients.
This happened at a time when the use of digital technology for amputee equipment has been present in the field for several years, but without having really been democratized. Indeed, until then, carrying out a digital revolution was not an easy task for CPO. There was no solution to reproduce easily, with a few clicks and without extensive 3D knowledge, the steps mastered in the workshop.

Vytruve's mission is straightforward : to design an easy-to-use solution that take into account the profession specifics. It is :

  • A SOFTWARE: specific to the profession, that requires absolutely no 3D skills, and which allows in less than an hour on a PC to design, adjust and order sockets.
  • but also an EQUIPMENT : by providing an all-in-one trolley with a 3D scanner / paper printer / PC ready to be used in the structure, or transportable with the included suitcase to move around the center.

Distribution / Trade

Vytruve's economic model is simple, the fitting structures buy the equipment for € 9,900 (the medical cart with all the equipment installed) and subscribe to a monthly subscription to have access to the software (€ 950 / month for the first tibial prosthetics module).

After only one month of marketing (official launch on May 25), Vytruve has implemented 7 solutions in France and one in Belgium. These solutions have already given rise to nearly 100 ordered sockets


The 1.5 million euros raised from Granville entrepreneurs, BPIs and banks will enable Vytruve to expand its team and intensify its commercial deployment in France and in Europe. The objective is to install more than 50 new structures in the next 12 months and to reach a volume of more than 1000 sockets ordered monthly. Many patients will benefit from this new comfortable and efficient way to design prosthesis.

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