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Design and 3D printing
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3D prosthesis design and printing finally available to all CPOS

The all-in-one solution to simplify and lighten the daily routine of orthoprosthetists: the orthoprosthetist portal

CPO webapp, for all the cpo, free to access and to use to order your prosthetic acessory

Completely free even if you are not a VYTRUVE customer

Grind and align your sockets in 3D
Design and 3D printing
Stump scan in 10 min

Sur peau ou tout type de manchon

Capturez en couleur tous les détails de l?examen clinique: éventuelles cicatrices, repères osseux, axes etc? et conservez en mémoire indéfiniment ces moulages numériques.

Comparaison des volumes en 5 min

on skin

Follow and evaluate the patient's volume variation in rehabilitation center in a fitting consultation. Remove any uncertainties about the right time to set off or the need for shimming during patient follow-up.

Design and alignment in 10 minutes

With distal inlet or an air vacuum system

Without 3D knowledge, reduce to the whole or by section, reload or unload the areas of your choice, define your cuts and flares as you would on plaster. Use the virtual alignment table to fit the prosthesis and feet from a choice of over 120 references.

Order or print

With distal inlet or an air vacuum system

Start 3D printing the fitting or print it yourself with the Vytruve printers. Connect the tube and the foot to the 4-hole plate and modify, sand, adjust as a thermo fitting.



Design and align
Order or print
LPPR Generator

  • In just a few clicks, from your personal ortho-prosthesist portal, reduce your administrative burden by simply selecting the type of renewal, sleeve, foot reference and additions

  • Obtain the references and the nomenclature which can be easily copied and pasted into your teletransmission software, to make the request for reimbursement by the social security

Receive your components with your fitting

  • Synchronise your component orders with your fitting, so that the fitting can be done the day after the moulding by scan

  • Order or renew your Vytruve components to always have the best scanning and grinding solution

  • Track your order with the tracking number directly from your portal to know at any time the status of the order

  • Offer a pleasant experience to your patients with goodies that highlight the expertise of the orthotist

Only for Vytruve customers

Are you a supplier?

 If you are an orthopedic equipment supplier 

 Ask us to integrate the Vytruve store 👉 You will already be able to market your products in 4 different countries 🇫🇷 🇩🇪 🇮🇹 🇧🇪 

Offer the best in fitting with 3D custom sleeves and covers
cover for personalized prostheses online with kedzal and vytruve, simply

  • Improve your patient care with custom-made sleeves made by Vytruve CT and MotionTech, our Swiss partner

  • Accompany your patient in the management of disability by offering him 3D covers that look like him, with our partners Kedzal or Medin3D

  • Simply use the Vytruve equipment and your portal to place an order

Learn continuously to improve patient care

  • Find case studies and propose your own on patient care

  • Find all the documentation and training on the use of Vytruve 24/24 7/7

  • Communicate directly with the Vytruve team in case of need

Simply choose the most suitable sleeve for your patient

  • With a few simple filters, select the most suitable sleeve from a catalogue of over 200 types of sleeves from 8 manufacturers, representing over 1000 references

  • Access the manufacturer's catalogue page from your computer, tablet or mobile phone and easily copy and paste the reference number to order it directly

  • Select also your suspensions sleeves (more than 100 references) and collars (20 references), in the same way, allowing you to be up-to-date with the novelties and test new material

Keep up to date with orthopaedic news in one place

  • Improve your monitoring of the latest news in the world of orthopaedics in France and abroad

  • Direct access to articles from all manufacturers, suppliers, partners