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Double sockets, lamination, Vytruve is enriched

Vytruve is not only about tibial prosthetics ! Make double sockets, laminate the sockets in 3D so that they become definitive,... Discover all these uses.

Double sockets

Double socket prosthetics offer clear advantages for patients. Use the 'double socket' function on the VYTRUVE software and increase the number of possibilities for the comfort and care of your patients, with several levels of flexibility.

Lamination of Vytruve sockets

Directly laminate your Vytruve sockets with carbon or fiberglass. Design and align your sockets with Vytruve and receive them printed in 48/72h or print them directly in your structure. Modify your hot air cannon socket as usual. You can then laminate these carbon or fiberglass sockets to become permanent sockets.

Make 3D sockets for the upper limb

Vytruve also allows you to perform upper limb sockets for your patients in just a few steps.

Scan your patient's upper limb stump. Make your reduction, by zone or by sections, make your rectification as in the workshop directly on your computer. Receive it at your office in 48 hours and make your prosthesis as usual with the addition of your sensors and mio-electric elements.

Vytruve evolves every day to support you in your daily life as a CPO to lighten and simplify it.
Order your components, find the sleeve reference in 1 click or make your custom covers: app.vytruve.com

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