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3D printing

Imprimez ou sous-traitez vos emboitures tibiales et transradiales 3D à VYTRUVE

✓ Transparent PETG material that you can heat & modify, sand, glue, exactly like a ThermoLyn Clear socket

✓ 2 months warranty

✓ For all sizes, all attachment systems (air gap, distal notched, smooth or BOA...)

✓ Shipped within 48h hours 

emboitures Vytruve

150 euros

per socket (excl. shipment)

Prix par emboiture
Frais de port inclus

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✓ Large format (300x300x600mm) FDM printer with industrial reliablity

✓ Slicing-as-a-Service by Vytruve, to replicate the quality of the sockets made by Vytruve

✓ Automatic replenishment of Vytruve certified filament

✓ Remote maintenance and repair service

✓ 2 year warranty

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