Lighten and simplify

your CPO daily life

Design and manufacture your socket using a robust process that expresses your skills.

Scan, compare, design, order, all in less than 1 hour and without plaster.

VYTRUVE solution


A scanner is ready to use on a cart or easily transportable in a case while travelling

Compare / Design / Align

Powerful & easy to use software, dedicated to your skills.

Transparent prosthesis


A reliable 3D printing service adapted to the constraints of the profession.

Scan of the stump in 10 min
Stump scan in 10 min

On skin or liner (with or without our seal ring)

Trace directly onto skin or on the sleeve your bone marks, axes and socket cuts. These marks are captured by the scanner and can then be used during your correction in the software. All your patients’ scans can be saved using this software.

Scan comparison in 5 min
Scan comparison in 5 min

On skin or sleeve

Monitor variations in volume of the stump from the rehabilitation centre or within your service, and determine when the stump is stabilised so as to start the prosthetic fitting process. Automatically obtain the measurement at 4cm and order the correct sleeve size. If the patient’s stump changes, you can ascertain where to wedge the socket and determine the correct cup size. Follow and assess variations in stump volume in fitting consultations.

Design in 10 min and align in 1 min
Design in 10 min and alignment in 1 min

With distal attachment or an air vacuum system

The software guides you while respecting the artisanal process without you needing any knowledge of 3D modelling or software. Recharge, unload, reduce by measures or percentages, and provide support under the patella. Validate, adjust the cut-out of the socket and digitally and easily deform the edges of the socket according to your expertise. Select the patient's foot directly in the software without the need to order it. Automatically align the socket and the foot of the patient selected in the software (without needing to order it) then make adjustments using the virtual alignment table (automatic integration of the 4-hole junction plate). Start manufacturing the socket, which will be 3D printed and receive it to your premises within 48h.

Assembly and fitting

Once the socket has been received, unbox it and connect the tube and the foot to the 4-hole plate. Modify your socket with a hot air cannon. Take out the material even very low down on the socket thanks to the absence of a resin band to solidify the anchor. Sand your socket and adjust your alignments as you usually do.

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30 min of demo during which our team will present to you the complete Vytruve solution with a practical case study : scan, scan comparison, socket design and ordering.

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Delivered sockets
3D prosthetics at otworld

4 amazing days at OTWORLD

We were present from May 10, 2022 to May 13, 2022 in Leipzig, Germany for this new 2022 edition. A first for Vytruve and the opportunity to present the solution and its new features.

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