3D prosthetics, by yourself, as in the workshop
3D prosthetics, by yourself, as in the workshop

You know your patient, you know your job!
Do it yourself in 3D.

VYTRUVE, an all-in-one yet open solution, not requiring 3D skills

  • digital casting done by you with VYTRUVE 3D-scanner
  • rectification and alignment up to you with the VYTRUVE software
  • 3D printing at your place or at Vytruve

✓ 100% satisfied or refunded
✓ Non-binding

✓ 100% satisfied or refunded
✓ Non-binding

✨ Non binding ✨ Respecting your know-how ✨ With quality material ✨

The CPO job is demanding… work with confidence

Focus on your patients care

  • Scan your patient at 5pm, finish your rectification and alignment at 5.30pm, try your socket at 9am the next day - the 3D printer works for you at night
  • Reduce the number of set-up visits by half and reduce the time between the casting and the definitive socket
  • Keep the shapes and stumps in memory to facilitate renewals
  • Facilitate the transfer of knowledge within the company to ensure the best care
  • Reduce travel time to and from rehabilitation centers, patients and the workshop
  • Train for free at VYTRUVE in only 3 hours
  • Follow the volume variations and know when the stump volume is stabilizing
  • Improve your patients' comfort with an accurate and comfortable socket
  • Always choose the right liner with the automatic 4cm measurement from the distal end of the stump
  • Make your rectifications in 3D with any suspension system
  • Reduce the use of chemicals and the amount of waste
  • Bring innovation to patients, doctors and get a step ahead
Design and 3D printing
Design and 3D printing
Covers & liners on scan
Support and training
Online catalogues
CPO news
Make the first step, stay in the race, like many CPOs!


make your own 3D socket without 3D knowledge, very easy to use
Sockets delivered
Pay-per-use, non-binding, with high-quality hardware
  • 99€ / socket rectification (.stl file) - pay only what you need
  • 150€ / 3D-printed socket (excl. shipment) pay only if you subcontract manufacturing

    I want to 3D-print on my own: check the automated Vytruve 3D-printer

Small details make high difference: work with the high-quality VBox

You know that the success of a good prosthesis depends on a good cast - and therefore on a quality 3D scanner. As a good professional, you want to do quality work, take care of your patients with a comfortable socket and avoid too many modification appointments.

So, if you are not equipped with a powerful computer, a 3D colour scanner and all the necessary scanning equipment, test the VBox for 1 months, with 100% refund policy.

Test the Vbox for 1 month with no commitment, satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
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